Buckle up, this takes a second to explain all the way.

  • 1. What is this project?

    The Blue Donkey is a “restaurant” on Online Food Ordering Platform that reroutes big corporate money to upstart presidential candidates. At a high level, users can use their corporate Online Food Ordering Platform accounts or meal perks - common at large companies - to put money towards political candidates instead of getting food.

  • 2. How is this possible?

    Corporations have perks for employees on Online Food Ordering Platform. So we set up a “restaurant” on the platform where users can turn these ‘corporate per diems’ into something more poetically impactful.

    *Online Food Ordering Platform should probably tighten their restaurant requirements :)

  • 3. What is the point of this?

    The thrust of this project is that it is a way to take money from big companies and give it to candidates with platforms that, for one reason or another, stand in opposition to corporations. It’s a way to take a little bit of those companies’ massive resources and power and turn it back against them.

  • 4. How does it work? / What happens once I place an order?

    When you place an order, Online Food Ordering Platform will charge the card or account you use for your order. You won’t get any food from us, but Online Food Ordering Platform will pay us (minus their platform processing fee) and one of us will donate an amount equal to the net proceeds to the candidate you selected. We will provide you with proof and audit trail whenever possible.

  • 5. So does The Blue Donkey make any food at all?

    Nope, we just use the guise of a restaurant to ferry your corporate lunch or dinner per diem straight into the pockets of politicians you support. On our menu you will also see other unreasonably expensive, mediocre-sounding food items that will not lead to any campaign contribution. Those are placebo items which is only intended to make our menu fuller. If you order those items, on purpose or by accident, we will cancel your order and refund you.

  • 6. What does MSCHF do with the money?

    MSCHF as a corporation is not allowed to make political contributions. Therefore to make this work we will dole out the funds to our employees who can then make individual contributions, up to the individual contribution limit. If we end up overshooting that limit for a particular candidate, we’ll find more people to make the contributions.

  • 7. Is this illegal?

    For you? No. You are just ordering “food”. For us? We are trying to do this in a way as legally permitted as possible. That being said we could be violating Online Food Ordering Platform’ Terms of Use and Restaurant Agreement.

  • 8. Can I get in trouble for this?

    YOU COULD. Your employer could have access or visibility to each of your order and may be upset by this, so that is a risk that you absolutely must evaluate for yourself. You’re probably in the clear as far as Online Food Ordering Platform is concerned, though.

  • 9. Why Bernie, Warren, and Yang?

    The Blue Donkey’s goal is to route funds from big corporations towards candidates that will hopefully break up, regulate, or otherwise curtail those companies’ power and influence. As such, we’re only concerned with candidates that big companies wouldn’t be okay funding. There aren’t many of those - even Yang is only really in here for the lulz.

  • 10. What if I’m not in the delivery radius?

    You can still use this (notice our fulfillment option is pick up only!) Just remember, you could be giving up your daily Online Food Ordering Platform allowance and you will not be getting any food no matter where you are.

  • 11. Why is MSCHF doing this?

    When we see a system, we gotta break it.